Constantin Greve

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Member of the Supervisory Board since November 20, 2018, appointed until the shareholders' meeting 2023, Chairman of the Central Works Council at Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn.

Constantin Greve, Member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telekom.

Member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telekom.

Year of birth: 1978
Place of birth: Celle
Nationality: German

Career history:

Since 04/2018Chairman of the Central Works Council, Deutsche Telekom AG
2014 – 07/2018Chairman of the Works Council, Telekom Vocational Training
Since 09/2010Member of the Works Council, released from normal work, Telekom Vocational Training
2008 – 2010Vocational trainer for retail sales assistants at Deutsche Telekom AG, Hanover
2004 – 2008Member of the administrative office staff for trainee representatives at Deutsche Telekom AG, Hanover
2003 – 2004Trainee representative released from normal work at Deutsche Telekom AG, Hanover
1998 – 2000Military service and training as a reserve officer with the German Federal Armed Forces

Education and training:

2000 – 2003Training as an IT technician for system integration at Deutsche Telekom AG, Hanover
1998General higher education entrance qualification

Expertise/Professional focal points:
Vocational training, collective bargaining policy, establishment-based co-determination, civil servant matters

Seats on the Deutsche Telekom supervisory bodies:
- Special Committee US

Member of the supervisory bodies of the following subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures:

Member of comparable supervisory bodies of companies in Germany or abroad: